Gratitude = Happiness

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The book by Rhonda Byrne titled “The Magic” is a great book for sustaining positive relationships as well as mending broken ones. This book gives great perspective into how important relationships are in peoples lives. If one could take away all of the people on the planet and ship them off to mars what would be the purpose of anything here on planet earth. People paint pictures, make music, build buildings, and organize sports games all for the sake of entertaining and interacting with others. Think about it, why do we really do the things we do?
The love received from others, no matter how intense, is the cause of most joy and happiness in the world. Because relationships play such a huge part on ones state of mind, it seems imperative to remember how important the people around a person are and to not take them for granted. This book helps people do just that! By showing gratitude and by constantly finding the positives within another, one can sustain healthy long lasting relationships whether it be with a friend, a family member, or a significant other. This book is great for everybody because it is simple and revolves around the art of gratitude. It will change your life if you read it, I promise.


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