Don’t Tread On Trayvon Martin: The Truth About What Really Happened

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We recently released “Don’t Tread On Trayvon Martin”. The song proposes a simple yet important question in America, that is – Where are we as a society in 2012? In our view, the events of Trayvon’s death have left his family, friends, all African Americans and every other freethinking person of every race to ponder whether or not the “Stand Your Ground” law is a vehicle for allowing bigotry to be used to permit murder. In essence, would Trayvon’s killer be in jail to await the courts decision on the matter if the killer was a minority of color and the victim was a white person?

We believe justice is not served here in the Trayvon killing based solely on how extremely biased our current American Legal Justice System already is against African American young men and how Zimmerman’s story just does not check out on any rational level.

People with all different agendas want to debate this subject like crazy and in America we can however the facts are undeniable. If this were a Black Suspect and a White Victim, the Suspect would most likely be in Jail right now waiting for the court to decide whether or not he were allowed to commit this act legally and whether he acted in self defense.

T.O.E. bases its entire opinion, song and video on the fact that Zimmerman has not provided a shred of evidence that his self-defense claim is real. Everything he has said to explain his actions run contrary to his own assertions. The evidence of the 911 call Zimmerman made and the lack of any scratch on the man indicate to us that he did quite simply stalk Trayvon and use the existing law to commit murder. You decide.

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