[2010] Help, Help Me Now (Chelsea’s song)

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[2010] Help, Help Me Now (Chelsea's song)This song is dedicated to Chelsea King and Amber Dubois and all of the young women whose lives were cut short prematurely. Song title: Help, help me now! (Chelsea’s Song) Written and performed by Truth On Earth TruthOnEarth.com Lyrics Here I am with my energy To take a path of fatal destiny Loving life is not enough To save me from the darkness of a blackened heart Help, help me now please stop this misery Help, help me now cause I will never see The light of day losing out on life Promise me now that you will end this crime In between being a girl and a woman Is finding independence for myself Theres the predator with his demented evil And the prey we are kind and loving Help, help me now rebuild a better world Help, help me now to save those other girls Because we can invent a safety net Promise them now you’ll make a better bet How does the darkness invade our lives Why does the light not guide us in times Where the good that we bring and the love that we share Not save us from fate and the edge of despair It may not be obvious how the world turns There are those who are righteous and still get burned If the planet aligns and the planning is right Then the meek shall inherit the earth at night And now I’m gone my spirit speaks The stench remains the feelings wreak Loving life was not enough To save us from the darkness of a corrupted soul Help, help me now you must move on Help, help me now because Im gone The light you loved and I loved you Promise me now you’ll move

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